The individual villas / shares in Inchcape Inv. Ltd.

House Seaside

Two 2 bedrooms / two bathrooms apartments

435 square meters

House Courtyard

(which includes the Garden Apartment)

450 square meters

The Cottage / Three Seaside Cottages

(Three 1 bedroom apartments)

285 square meters

House Sunset

Two 2 bedrooms / two bathrooms apartments

370 square meters

The Gatehouse

One 1 bedroom apartment

2 studios

450 square meters

House Sunrise

Free standing 2 bedrooms / two bathrooms house

370 square meters

Common areas: Office building, Caretakers storage, pathway, parking area, and large ocean front area.

1,690 square meters

With the purchase of each share the buyer also obtains a corresponding share in all commonly owned property as the large ocean front area incl. corresponding amenities, lounge chairs, day beds, gazebos, hammocks etc., drive way and parking area, caretaker’s storage facility