Dear friends & guests of the Inchcape Seaside Villas

We can call Barbados lucky, but not to forget luck needs to be earned. The government of Barbados has handled the pandemic very good, smart decisions were made which rules and regulations to put when in place. The people of Barbados have done their part by obeying the rules, accepting lockdowns and curfews and behaving accordingly with great discipline.

There is hardly any other country in the world besides Barbados one can travel to when looking to escape northern winter in the tropics. 

All protocols are easy to follow and provide for utmost safety for travelers and locals alike. As those can change on a daily basis, please check here to be up to date at all times::

In order to make the first days as convenient as possible. we have put a well functioning system in place. Guests send us a shopping list and their credit card information and we arrange for their fridges being stocked upon arrival.

We advise not to forget to carry some cash for taxis and local provision providers.

Life in Barbados feels almost normal, everybody wears masks, altogether a very well controlled situation.  

The Inchcape Seaside Villas Team