The Inchcape Seaside Villas are clustered on the southern most tip of the Caribbean island of Barbados, Inchcape resides on Ananias Point right on the edge of Silver Sands Beach.

Facing into the gentle breezes of the trades, Inchcape overlooks one of the islands most beautiful unspoiled white sand beaches to it's east while a little shore break at the western end of Silver Sands' beach invites surfers and boogie boarders as well as regular sea bathers to play and and have fun in the mellow waves rolling out on this lovely white sand beach.

Inchcape is surrounded by brilliant clear blue water. Visibility is undisturbed at up to fifty feet. Swimming and snorkeling are superb. All just steps away and in front of our villas and apartments..

Most noteworthy is Inchcape's location as one of the best wave windsurfing and kitesurfing spots on earth. But no matter how perfect our outside reef is for the highly skilled athletes, our beach is there and suited very much for everyone to have fun, from the sports enthusiast and those who just want to relax, swim and snorkel and enjoy our unspoiled, almost private beach.

Life at our villas is casual and unhurried in the true Barbadian tradition.

As Inchcape is located where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean, the ocean can look like a pond on one day and can have waves out on the reef and a shore break on one part of the beach on another day.

The eastern half of the beach is where it is usually calm and suited for swimming and sea bathing.