Rental Car

Rental Car, Yes or No?

Barbados has a good public transport system and a bus stop is approx. a 5 – 7 minutes walk away from the Inchcape Seaside Villas. Also, the same driver who is in charge of Inchcape’s airport pick ups and drops, also provides our guests with a preferred taxi service. He can be reached on his cell phone at all times.

But in order to be able to really enjoy all this island has to offer, we do recommend to rent a car for the whole period of your stay, and that applies for no matter where a holiday maker would be staying in Barbados. Everything here is spread all over the island and the one or other bar, restaurant or shop might be in walking distance, and everything is in close reach, but still, a rental car makes things a lot more convenient.

We usually get quotations for a car rental for our guests and then book the car for them and have it delivered to Inchcape short after the guest arrival at the property.

We do not recommend renting a car at the airport, but use the airport pick up service we organize for our guests instead and have the rental car delivered to Inchcape. And that's for many reasons.

It is well worth it to spend $ 20 for a meet and greet personalized airport pick up, arrive at Inchcape without any stress and have the car delivered to your apartment short after you arrived at the property.