What else is there to do?

How to stay active in Barbados

As far as activities are concerned, Barbados has lots to offer. The all year round almost perfect temperatures make this island the ideal playground for all kinds of sports activities. Apart from the sports we have already dedicated special attention to on this website, here a few more to mention: there is boogie boarding and body surfing at Crane Beach besides Accra Beach as one of the better and more challenging beaches to perform. Barbados’ crystal clear water is a haven for snorkeling and diving, above all along the South and West Coast of the island. There is also sailing cruises which are offered along the west coast.

Along with many more options of how to stay active, they are gyms and tennis courts available island wide not to mention organized hikes which are offered in the north east of the island.

Sightseeing options are numerous. We recommend to just drive around the island, enjoy the spectacular scenery along the east coast, the beaches in the west and south, you can also stop at a local rum shop for lunch or drinks and enjoy what makes Barbados one of the better places on earth, the warm hearted attitude and friendliness of the locals of this island.

While staying with us we will be there for you to assist with hints and suggestions of how to spend your days in paradise.