Why to invest in the Inchcape Seaside Villas

Investing in the Inchcape Seaside Villas can serve many purposes: completely own the whole property or become a share holder in an ocean front apartment resort, as well as  opt for a life style investment or just invest money in one of the safest ways possible.

Real estate right on the water and above all with beach access, is a very safe way to invest, especially at times when the world is affected by political and financial instability as is happening right now all over the world.

Barbados is a very conservative democracy, with tourism being a “life insurance” for this country. It’s modern international airport with flights from and to all over the world, makes it an easy to reach tropical paradise destination.

The Inchcape Villas can serve as private homes, holiday homes or be managed as an apartment hotel or also a combination of all. The houses can serve as an investment in real estate with a very strong chance of growth in real estate value. Ocean and beachfront land is almost impossible to find any longer and and growth is basically guaranteed.

All individual houses at the Inchcape Villas represent a share in the company called Inchcape Investments Limited. This again means the company can be sold as a whole and also in parts/shares. A shareholder agreement regulates rights and duties of the shareholders. It has been in place since founding of the company in 1992 and has proven to make Inchcape’s daily business and relations between shareholder a “calm cruise”.

The Inchcape Villas have been run as an apartment hotel since 1961, but have also experienced partly private usage by its owners. Inchcape Investments Ltd. is a local company and registered as a hotel with the Barbados Board of Tourism since 1992. As a registered hotel the property benefits of the hotel act which entitles real estate used for tourist rentals to a considerable tax benefit.

If another form of ownership should be a buyer’s preference, the company / shares set up can be eliminated and the property can be split into individual houses.

Apartment hotel

As the property is a very well reputed tourist rental facility / apartment hotel, with a very solid rental potential and history, to continue as an apartment hotel would be a top choice for any buyer. In TripAdvisor’s traveler rankings, The Inchcape Seaside Villas are ranked consistently for many years in the top five out of more than 100 hotels in Barbados.

A buyer of one or more of Inchcape’s units would profit of Inchcape’s very well established organization with an highly qualified and experienced manager in place, who deals with the day to day business of the property for all shareholders and also takes care of all aspects of the tourist rental business.

Inchcape Inv. Ltd., legal issues are handled by Queens Counselor and one of the most reputed business lawyers of Barbados, Mr. Barry gale, who  offers advice on purchases options, including offshore possibilities.