If you'd like to book one of our units just drop us an email at containing the following information:

Which villa / apartment would you prefer?

When and for how long do you plan to visit Barbados?

How many persons are going to be with you?

Any further questions you might have...

As long as circumstances allow us to do so, we answer our e-mails regularly, on most days several times per day. We try to answer any question you might have, no matter whether it may be concerning Inchcape, Barbados or anything else!

In case the villa of your choice should not be available for all the time you requested it for we will make alternative suggestions to best suit your needs. For certain holiday periods a minimum number of nights might apply as a booking requirement. Rules might change without notice at all times.

In the event of an unforeseeable situation to have to relocate a guest, we reserve the right to provide another equal accommodation or a free upgrade to higher priced category.

All Inchcape Villas are exclusively promoted by Trade Winds Travel Limited, which handles all booking enquiries in the above-mentioned process.


After having received a booking we will e-mail you a booking confirmation and the payment instructions. We will also inform you in our booking confirmation how the balance payment is to be paid.

To keep a booking confirmed we require a down payment of approximately 50% of the total rental fee (or payment in full), usually within three days (this may vary) from the day of booking if bank transfer is your choice of payment. For bookings within 30 days from the arrival day, we require payment in full within 3 days (or shorter) from the day of booking. As the time frame for a downpayment might vary, please read your booking confirmation carefully. 

We usually require balance payments to be credited to our account 30 days before the day of arrival. Depending on the season, we require a minimum number fo nights for a booking. The number of min. nights for a season might be changed without notice. For most seasons we require for a booking to be paid in full 30 days ahead of the day of arrival. For the Christmas / New Year season payments in full are required to be credited to our account 60 days ahead of the arrival date. Payment options can vary under special circumstances, and could for inst. also be cash upon arrival. We will always let you know in our booking confirmation how to proceed. Once we have confirmed a booking, the booking is considered to be final and dates cannot be changed.

All rates at the Inchcape Seaside villas are based on a max. occupancy in each unit. Additional guests in a unit can only be allowed on special request and need to be confirmed in the booking confirmation. 

Non resident visitors to any of our units need to be registered with Inchcape's management / office. Resident guests need to inform Inchcape's management  about possible visitors. The number of visitors to residents in any of our units is limited and permission needs to be obtained from Inchcape's management.

In case a guest wishes to entertain, organize a party or an event, a request may be addressed to The Inchcape Seaside Villas management. No party or event is allowed unless permission has been obtained from Inchcape's Management. 

All rates at the Inchcape Seaside villas are based on “no ac usage” We recently added some ac units to some of our accommodations and guests may choose to use those for an additional charge. (usage and fees are explained in our features and amenity page)

To maintain the standard of our accommodations we do not allow any kind of sports equipment such as bicycles and surfing equipment and corresponding board bags inside our apartments, on lounge chairs and any kind of outdoor / indoor furniture. We do have designated storage areas where equipment can be stored and guests may also keep their equipment in the outdoor / terrace area (except Sunset upstairs and Seaview Studio) of their rental unit.


In our efforts to keep our rates as low as possible, all rates published on our website are based on payment via bank transfer. Those rates also apply for cash payments.

We also accept payments via credit card, Master card, Visa or American Express, for which a 4% fee will be added to the total.

Accepting payments in Bitcoin is our latest addition to our payment options. Certain conditions will apply and this option also might not be available at times. For those who wish to pay in Bitcoin, please send a request by e-mail and when permission for a Bitcoin payment should be granted a mid market price for BTC in relation to the US Dollar or Euro will apply.

Normal occupancy in a two bedroom unit is four people maximum and the one bedroom units are meant to accommodate two persons max. Exceptions are possible in certain houses and can only be granted by the Property Manager. Please always indicate the number of people in your party with your reservation request. The max. no. of persons given in a booking confirmation can not be exceeded, unless it has been authorized by our Property Manager.


We might not always be able to guarantee a specific unit for bookings under 7 nights. In case we confirmed a particular unit but cannot provide this unit upon arrival due to unforeseeable circumstances, we reserve the right to accommodate this booking in an equal unit or give a free upgrade to a higher and more expensive accommodation category. We will however always try our best to accommodate bookings in the unit which has initially been booked.


In order to secure the safety and security of our guests and to be able to comply with Corona related protocols and issues no person from the outside is allowed to enter our property without registering with our manager on duty or at our office.

Resident guests must inform Inchcape’s management if they expect someone to visit. Permission needs to be granted by Inchcape’s management.


10 % VAT is to be added to all bills. 

All rental facilities in Barbados have to charge a Tourism Levy, the amount of which can vary from one to another property / accommodation. For a stay at the Inchcape Seaside Villas, a Tourism Levy of  $ Bds. 8.75 / / US 4,38 is to be paid p. bedroom p. night. This levy  will be collected in cash upon arrival. 

A one time cleaning fee will be charged for each rental unit. $ US 50 for our one bedroom units and studios with a max. occupancy of 2 persons p. unit, $ 80 - 100 is the cleaning fee for our larger units. Adjustment might apply, all depending on the particular unit and it's occupancy.

Check in time is 4 pm in the afternoon, but may vary to earlier or later depending on our arrival and departure situation. Check out time is 11 am, but may vary as well, as we always try to make a departure as convenient as possible for our departing guests.


First of all we wish to recommend to take travel insurance for the full amount of the rental fee. Just in case you need to cancel your booking we will always try to recover days of a canceled booking and if this can be achieved, corresponding refunds will be granted. Special rates given are non-refundable.

And a few words considering booking with us directly

The months gone by have made it very obvious for many travelers around the world what it can mean to have established a personal relationship with the accommodation provider, something we try to establish with every single guest and also those who book with us the impersonal way through one of the major booking platforms which do not support such efforts and make it difficult for us to provide the most excellent service possible.

Wile bookings from OTAs can only be handled strictly as to the booking conditions published, we can add some more flexibility when booking with su directly. 

We can only recommend and encourage everyone to book with us directly so we can provide you with the best personalized service we can possibly arrange for.