South Coast - where the Inchcape Seaside Villas are located

Surfer’s Bay, beach bar & restaurant, close to Inchcape, live music on Sunday, 262 5483, 5 minutes walk, 1 minute drive away

Chicken Retas, Silver Sands, tasty fried chicken and chips, coldest beers, 428 6873, 2 minutes drive away

Fish market – Fish fry every night, nice local atmosphere at Oistins fish market, 5 minutes drive away

Cafe Sol - Mexican grill, St. Lawrence Gap, nice atmosphere and good food and drinks, 435 9531, 10 minutes drive away

Mama Mia, Italian, Pizza, simple, 434 3354, approx. 15-20 minutes drive away

Café Luna, nice roof top terrace in Little Arches, 420 4689, 3-4 minutes drive away

Tapas, very nice location with reasonably priced food, good atmosphere, 228 0704, approx. 15-20 minutes drive away

Champers, nice location, ok food, 434 3463, 15 minutes drive away

Buzo , Italian, next to the Marriott Hotel, nice and consistently good, 629 2896

Zen, located in Crane Beach hotel, nice setting, expensive for what it is, Japanese and Thai, 423 6220

Bubba’s - Sports Bar, 435 6217

Lunch & Snacks

Granny’s - good local food for little money, Oistins, opposite the post office, 5 minutes drive away

Lexy’s - on the water at fishmarket / Oistins, 5 minutes drive away

Roti Den - best place for Rotis, opposite Daphne’s on the West Coast

West Coast - 25 -30 minutes drive from The Inchcape Seaside Villas

Sandy Lane buffet for brunch, especially on Sunday, 432 1311

The Cliff - the most spectacular restaurant, excellent as well, 432 1922

Lone Star, lunch & dinner, spectacular location for lunch, 419 0599 or 422 1617 or 629 0599

Mew’s , the cocktail bar on the ground floor is a nice meeting point on Friday night, 432 1122

Scarlet, Cocktail Bar and Restaurant, 432 3663

The Fish Pot, Georgeous setting, marginal food, located in Sherman’s St. Peter, 439 3000

East Coast - 45 minutes drive from the Inchcape Seaside Villas

Beach bar at the Bathsheba beach park, reasonable prices, friendly service

Round House, good grilled chicken sandwich, nice view from terrace, a stop for lunch, 433 9678

Atlantis Hotel, Sunday’s brunch, 433 9445

Supermarkets - Food supplies

Massy Supercenter - Oistins, closest big supermarket to your place, 5 minutes by car

Massy ( former Big B’s) Rendezvous, 10 min. drive, , best supermarket on South coast

Fishmarket - Oistins, fresh fish every day


Check St. Lawrence Gap’s bars, Surfer’s Bay and Surfer’s Café for special events

We recommend to check availability and make reservations for the more formal and up market restaurants.