The Inchcape Seaside Villas are located on a superb white sand beach with crystal clear water. Simply said: "paradise"!!!

The access to our beach is not easily recognizable for people who don't know how to get there. It therefore feels like Inchcape has it's own private beach, although there are no private beaches in Barbados. A very lucky situation for our guests!

"Our" beach is the original wind and kite surfing beach, where it all started and where windsurfing was introduced to Barbados by the owners of the Inchcape Seaside Villas. But although it's a wonderful beach to launch from for wind and kitesurfing, it is at the same time also a wonderful beach in any other respect.

The water at our beach can be totally calm like on a pond and like any other beach in Barbados, conditions can be a little more rough. But it is hardly ever too rough to swim and play in the water, as our beach is protected by a coral reef about 200 meters off shore.

There are no strong currents, no undertows or such. Even on "rougher" days many people, from small kids to older people, swim and play in the water at "our" beach.

This is to explain what the conditions really are, as a personal opinion is always relative. What might be rough for one person, is considered to be normal for another person.

One has to consider that Barbados is a rock in the deep water Atlantic and can have rougher water or calmer water on any beach on any given day of the year. There is however one exception: About a three minutes drive from Inchcape there is beach called Miami Beach or Enterprise Beach. One part of this beautiful white sand beach is not facing the open ocean and therefore has absolutely calm water at all times.

At Inchcape, we are blessed with the most perfect climate Barbados has to offer and therefore not all of our units have ACs. Only House Sunset Downstairs, House Sunset Upstairs, House Sunrise, the Garden Apartment, the Coconut and Seaview Studios and Tower have an AC in one bedroom, but also that does not mean that it is needed.

Just in case we should have an unusual hot day and the trade winds should not be doing their job, we have fans in all our units as well.

The Inchcape houses and apartments are located on the most southern point of the island and the cooling breezes of the trades and our proximity to the water provide for a very pleasant climate, never too cold and never too hot.