Eastcan Holdings – Cresco Ltd.

Another very attractive argument for an Investment in the Inchcape Seaside Villas (Inchcape Inv. Ltd.) is the fact, that the property bordering the Inchcape villas to its west is owned by Inchcape’s shareholders.

The property is registered in the name of “Eastcan Holding” which is owned by Cresco Ltd., a Bahamian based off shore company. The size of the property is 4,538 square meters.

The owners of Cresco Ltd. offer a complete sale or partnership (shares) to interested Investors. This property offers a variety of opportunities, the most logical being an addition to the existing Inchcape Seaside Villas, with for inst possible construction of pools, a bar and a restaurant which would make the two properties an even more perfect true and unique island paradise

Therefor shares in Cresco Ltd. are preferably offered to investors in Inchcape Inv. Ltd.

The Eastcan Holding / Cresco property can also be used for private and / or other tourist rental purposes. First plans have been drawn and a project and feasibility calculation has been made by Tim Hupe, a highly experienced and reputed architect from Hamburg / Germany., who will be at disposal for any interested investor with his professional expertise.

This property can also be purchased independently from any relation to the Inchcape Seaside Villas. See here how the two properties can complete each other.