The Inchcape Seaside Villas 

Registered as Inchcape Investments Ltd., a 4,050 square meters ocean and beach front property, close to the most southern point of the island of Barbados, and its neighboring property, a 4,503 square meters parcel of land, offer a very promising investment opportunity. At times with financial markets struggling, political developments in the US, Europe and almost the entire world, hardly foreseeable anymore, an investment in ocean and beach front properties on one of the most desired topical island paradises on earth, Barbados, can be considered one of the most promising ways for those who are looking to invest in a “safe heaven” and still get solid returns out of an investment. To invest in Inchcape Inv. Ltd. and/or its neighbouring property is a combination of a safe investment, solid return and last but not least growth, a combination of pro-investment arguments, make this pretty unique investment opportunity an attractive package.

The individual houses

Six spacious individual houses in the compound make 13 unique accommodations, all with colorful gardens of tropical flowers and views of the sea, all are tastefully furnished and completely equipped for one’s comfort. Each house has its own style, character and quality. The buildings are named to match their special features. All houses have been continuously renovated since 1992 and are kept at high level of quality, matching most modern amenities as for inst. high speed internet, at all times.

“Seaside” and “Courtyard” were at one point of time the seaside residence of a plantation owner, Lord Inchcape from Scotland. This plantation style house was built in 1920 from the island’s natural stone, the coral stone, and beautifully restored in 1993 and constantly updated thereafter, perfectly preserving its colonial style.

Seaside is in a stunning ocean front setting with unobstructed ocean views.

House “Courtyard”, the other half of this historical plantation style building perfectly combines the flavor of the old with today’s modern amenities. The Garden Apartment completes the no. of units in this main house on the property.

“The Seaside Cottages” are very special accommodations, they have been renovated by a professor for film architecture, providing Caribbean lifestyle and outdoor living it at it’s best. The building consist of three very upmarket 1-bedroom apartments with a number of luxury features, stretching over 2 floors and with beautiful views of the ocean.

The “Gatehouse”, once developed from the former stables is today a wonderfully restored, very Caribbean looking house, which can function as three individual apartments as well as two bedroom or three bedroom house. The “Tower” 1 bedroom apartment is in a class of its own. “Coconut” and “Seaview” are two lovely studios with gorgeous ocean views.

“House Sunrise” is in a beautiful and  spectacular, unique location right on the water’s edge (almost in the water) Today’s building stipulations would not allow building that close to the water anymore.

“House Sunset” has two floors, with 2 two bedrooms / two bathrooms apartments. The views from both belong to the most beautiful to be found anywhere on this island.

House no. seven on the compound is the office building with maids quarter, wash room and adjacent storage building. and all those belong in a corresponding percentage to each one of Inchcape’s shares/houses.