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Jim Drake, one of the inventors of windsurfing in the '70s, had already experimented with a wing, shaped like a hangglider, in the early stages of windsurfing... Time has gone by and the wing has become a kite which finally turned out to be an appropriate alternative for accelerating a surfboard using windpower.
Kites on the water seen from InchcapeSince kitesurfing really started taking off a few years ago, the fast growing kitesurfing community learned quickly that special circumstances are needed to make kitesurfing a safe and enjoyable experience.

Barbados isn't only blessed with it's unique windsurfing conditions, it also proved to have some of the most ideal kitesurfing beaches possible. There are first of all the beaches around Inchcape, like Silver Sands and Silver Rock, which attract most of the kitesurfers. Brian Talma's Action Shop at Silver Rock is available for kitesufing lessons.


But there is also a hidden treasure, just a couple of minutes away from Inchcape, a gorgeous, tropical, mile long beach with slightly onshore winds and all the requirements for an ideal kitesurfing spot:
It's lonely, a beautiful white sand beach with hardly any person around. The wind blows slightly onshore, all the safety you want as a kitsesurfing beginner. Many days or parts of days it has an ideal windforce for kitesurfing.

Brian Talma kiting

  • Relatively flat water inside the reef, waves breaking on the outside reef for the more experienced
  • Upwind from the three major windsurfing beaches, an additional safety factor
  • Upwind also from the Oistins Bay and Maxwell coast, a possible day trip destination for a downwind run

What else can you ask for...
...mankind's all time dream to be able to fly? Well, kitesurfing has given us another means of coming closer to that dream and we at Inchcape on the most southern tip of the Caribbean island of Barbados are determined to make your kitesurfing vacation a time to be remembered!

And if you had visited us between November 2013 and April 2014, any single day of your stay would have been a kitesurfing day..............and until today, January 2019 Barbados has developed into one of the best and most consisten wave kitesurfing spot in the world.