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Well, Barbados is most probably not the first destination coming into someone's mind when planning a holiday associated with bicycle riding. And it is fairly unknown that race bicycling as well as mountainbiking is very popular amongst locals on this Caribbean island. But Barbados has quite a history of successful competitors as well as a number of excellent bike routes and tracks.
When the weather turns miserable in northern hemispheres, the wonderful climate of Barbados, which is never too hot and never too cold, with year round temperatures of approx. 28°C are fundamental reasons for someone to choose Barbados as a cycling destination.

Cycling 01The beauty of the landscape while cycling through is unbelievable. No matter whether cycling high above the east coast with the Atlantic Ocean always in sight, climbing up the steep hill to St. John's Church, riding down roads framed by lush, tropical vegetation into the surfer's paradise Bathsheba, cruising along the East Coast Road, or climbing the almost mountains up to Cherry Tree Hill or Apes Hill, simply too much to list, it's always breathtaking!


When having chosen Inchcape as your holiday home in Barbados, you are staying with the people who brought windsurfing to Barbados and started putting it on the windsurfing world-map. The owners have quite a sports history in windsurfing, surfing, tennis, cycling, golf, soccer, etc. and who care very much for the sports oriented client.

We gladly recommend our cycling guests different routes and trips to various parts of the island. Those are a great mix of trips and of varying degrees in difficulty.

Cycling 02We also suggest trips combining sport and pleasure at the same time - for example, ending the trip at Barbados' best lunch/brunch place, at the most luxurious hotel of the island, Sandy Lane, where one can enjoy a Sundays' brunch of no comparison or just do a ride to Bathsheba's restaurants and beach bars, where one can overlook incredible scenery and recover from riding the east coast hills by having lunch and watching the hard core surfers ripping Bathsheba's powerful surf.

There are plenty of roads good enough for race bicycles, but when enjoying the beauty of nature is also a concern, a mountain bike might be the piece of equipment you want to bring, as it increases the possibilities of combining better and worse road sections into a days' trip.

See what a recent visitor has to say about riding your bicycle all over the island of Barbados: