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As Barbados is an island paradise in the Caribbean Sea surrounded by crystal clear and turquoise waters, it has an abundance of uncrowded and unspoiled white sand beaches. So exercising a watersport or coming to venture yourself into one of the many action sports this island provides ideal conditions for, is the most common reason for a visit amongst our guests.
While some come to just swim and snorkel, others come to do their windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, boogie boarding, diving, cycling or one of the many more activities Barbados is such an ideal place for. Here just a few to name:

Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Surfing
Windsurfing on BarbadosBarbados is not only one of the best wave windsurfing spots in the world, it also provides for top conditions for beginners and intermediate windsurfers. And the windsurfing stations on Silver Sands and Silver Rock Beach, Oistins and Sandy Beach live up fully to the expectations one could have when travelling to such a high class spot. Lessons and rentals are available for windsurfers at all skill levels.


Just to mention for all of you who want to learn kitesurfing: we probably have one of the most perfect beaches to learn this fairly new and so exciting action sport right next door. This absolutely unspoiled and lonely beach is about a mile long, has white sand, turquoise water and you hardly ever see a person on the beach which again is what you want when you learn kitesurfing...

"De Action Surf Shop"
It is the home and basis of Barbados' well known world cupper Brian Talma and is located one beach up from Inchcape on Silver Rock Beach, just a few minutes walk along the shoreline.
Brian offers windsurfing-, kitesurfing-, surfing- boogiebording rentals and lessons. For rates and conditions visit the "action-man's" website...
He is know in the windsurfing world as the ever smiling "Irieman", who's easy going attitude reflects on how his shop is run. First priority has always been servicing his clients!
Brians personality and the way he has his staff run his shop is a guarantee for happy and satisfied customers.
There are various packages available, from beginner lessons (basic principles of kitesurfing to practise) to advanced lessons (jumping, transitions, waveriding, downwind trips to other beaches).

Kitesurfing on Barbados

Rates for lessons and rentals
There are several local shops, all offering their own services and packages. Rates may vary a little between the various businesses but are all about in the following price range:

  • Windsurfing lessons: $-US 50,-- p. hour.
  • Surfing lessons: $-US 25,-- p. hour
  • Kitesurfing lessons come in packages from 2-10 hours costing $-US 60,-- to $-US 250,--. Advanced lessons are also available!
  • Board rentals cost from $-US 25,-- p. hour, $-US 250,-- p. week, $-US 390,-- for two weeks to $-US 480,-- for three weeks.
  • Please consider that pre-booked rates are quite a bit cheaper and bring savings of appr. $-US 50,-- p. week. All rates are approx. charges and subject to change without notice.
Boogie Boarding
Rentals are available at Inchcape, and all the surf shops around. Prices vary a little from place to place but rates are approximately $-US 5,-- p. hour, $-US 10,-- for half day and $-US 20,-- for a whole day and about $-US 100,-- p. week.

Golfing at Royal WestmorelandInchcape guests are priviledget with favourable green fees, especillay at the private Country Club of Royal Westmoreland.
The rates at Royal Westmoreland for Inchcape guests currently vary from $-US 75,-- to $-US 150,-- (depending on the season and no. of holes) for a round of Golf inclusive cart and unlimited driving range.
Golf lessons are available with Denny Foster at the Barbados Golf Club or Arthur Giles and Ian Cox at Royal Westmoreland. Rates vary between $-US 35,-- to 50,-- p. hour.


Numerous dive shops offer from beginners lessons to getting various licences. Inchcape guests will find recommendations of where to go in Inchcape's in-house brochure.
All shops offer introductions, training etc.

Cycling on BarbadosCycling
is very popular in Barbados, from off road to road and also track.
Inchcape guests will find valuable hints and suggestions in Inchcape's in-house brochure for all kinds of bicycle routes around the island.
Taylor's cycling provides for an excellent service for repairs and parts alike.
Bikes can be rented from various locations on the island.

Horse back riding is popular and can be found in different areas of Barbados. Rides along beaches, guided tours through the scenic landscape of Barbados' East Coast, from novice to experienced riders, it's available. Inchcape guests will find recommendations in Inchcape's in-house brochure.

We have set up connections for our guest to get the best service from beginners lessons to expert's rental equipment.
Inchcape's in-house brochure will supply you with all the contact info you need to make arrangements for the above described activities.